Are streaming services better than traditional television?

If you have always used traditional television, and are not particularly familiar with streaming services, you may be wondering if streaming services are actually better.

After all, traditional television has been around for so many years it must have advantages to streaming services, right?

Viewing on demand — One of the big advantages of streaming services  (check out 123movies) is the ability to view your favorite shows and movies on demand.

This means if you want to watch an episode of your favorite show at 2am, you can do so. With a traditional TV service, however, you can only watch it when the TV company is airing it or if you have already recorded it for later viewing.

Downloading shows and movies — Another big advantage to streaming services over traditional television is the ability to download shows and movies to your tablet, phone or computer.

You can then take these shows with you anywhere you go, and can watch them. Even if you do not have access to the Internet.

The ability to watch every episode — Called ‘binge watching’ by the people who do it, streaming services allow you to watch every episode of a TV series from beginning to end.

This means, unlike with traditional TV, you can start watching a show one day and finish watching every episode of the show the day after. With traditional TV, on the other hand, you have to wait for the next episode until the TV station airs it. This can be frustrating when you really want to know what happens next.

Affordable prices — Most streaming services are far cheaper than cable TV networks.

With Netflix, for instance, you can watch unlimited shows and movies for a month for just $10, and everyone in your family can watch them for the same price.

Cable TV, on the other hand, tends to be very expensive. Especially if you have to pay for several channels just to get the shows you want. Some people spend over $200 a month on traditional TV, compared to the $10 a month for many streaming services.

No termination fees or penalties — Most streaming services also allow you to sign up for their service and then to disconnect it whenever you feel like it.

They do not charge termination fees or penalties, so you can safely sign up for a new streaming service knowing you can cancel it whenever you like.

With traditional cable services, however, you have to sign up for a specific amount of time and, if you cancel before your contract ends, you also have to pay expensive termination fees and penalties.

Flexibility — The big reason why streaming services are so popular is the flexibility.

The flexibility to watch what you want when you want. The flexibility to cancel when you want, or to re-register when you want. The flexibility to download movies and shows you like.

In a busy world with many pressures, these easy to use services are far more flexible than traditional TV.

User-friendly Tips for ESTA Application

What is ESTA?

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) refers to a quick form filled online. It helps potential travelers visit the United States of America under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The United Kingdom is among over thirty-eight countries involved in the program. This method eliminates the need for tourists to apply for a US visa. Travelers have to meet the set standards to be eligible for ESTA before starting their journey. Due diligence is conducted by the United States government for every ESTA applicant to weed out criminals. This program only allows the applicant to stay in the US for only ninety days at one time even though it is valid for a period of two years. Before application people should consider the following insights.

How do You Apply for ESTA?

  1. Apply as Early as Possible

When it comes to ESTA application, foreigners should complete the process three days in advance before traveling to the US. The requirements include; passport, air travel information, and US destination address. After the application, travelers are advised to keep their application numbers in a safe place. A printout of the ESTA number comes in handy for better record keeping although it is not a requirement during the visit. An early application gives enough time to book a better hotel and a good flight with the peace of mind. Applying in a hurry can lead to mistakes or even culminate in the rejection of the visa.

  1. Disclose All Information Required

Every ESTA applicant wishing to travel to the US should disclose all necessary information during the application. This information includes earlier arrests in any country across the world, denial of a United States visa or denial of entry into the United States among others. Lack of disclosure may be treated as attempted fraud and the tourist can be blocked from entering the country. The validity of ESTA authorization is two years or upon expiry of the passport. Therefore, applicants should renew their ESTA the next time they want to travel to the US.

  1. Consider Application Fee in Your Budget

While applying ESTA it is advisable to include the fees charged in your budget. Most travelers budget for the stay in the US and accommodation but end up forgetting the charges. However, this can lead to inconveniences if a traveler is on a fixed budget. In fact, it costs approximately seventy-four US dollars to complete the application and the charges are paid through credit card. A proper budget helps the tourist have peace of mind during the vacation.

  1. ESTA Serves A Travel Document Not Visa

Many travelers tend to confuse ESTA and visa. The application process for the two is similar in many ways. There are charges in applications, complex screening, and a lengthy declaration before the request is granted. However, visa application is costlier and the waiting period is longer compared to ESTA which is cheap and easy. Surprisingly, ESTA gives a chance for a tourist to avail him/herself at the US border. After which the Border Patrol Agents decide whether or not to allow the person in the country. It also does not allow a person to start working in the United States. This means that to work in the US you need to have a passport instead.

That’s it – now make sure to go to Youtube and check some Do’s and Don’t for the US of A – like this awesome, hilarious, but on point video:

Drift Racing

Origin of “Drift Racing” is dated back to 1990s, when it started in Japan as a car racing technique. Drifting alludes to a motorsport and to a driving method where the driver purposefully over steers, which brings traction loss in the back wheels through turns, while keeping up vehicle control and a high level of exit speed. A simple drift is all about a car swinging sideways through a solo turn, but at a professional level, a driver may drift through numerous opposing whirls and curves with their rear wheels rarely touching the road.