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The Cautionary Tale of Game of Thrones, Don’t Rush Endings


Game of Thrones Final Season

This long awaited final season of game of thrones featured huge battles, monstrous dragons and of course, many, many deaths. It was highly anticipated among fans. The cast and crew worked hard not to let any spoilers out. This making the anticipation only grow.


Seasons Expectations

The last 7 seasons did very well. All over fans loved them. Almost without exception, they were received well. There were hundreds of theories and rumors going around about the final season. The episodes, while there were only 6 were going to be longer than in previous seasons. So, with the final season looming, people had high expectations.



The final season flopped where fans are concerned. Only about half the fans were ok with this rush job of a finale. And then there was the editing. Mistakes like leaving in the coffee cup were unforgiveable to some. Others were angry when the character Missandei was killed off. And finally, the ending just killed it for others. After 8 seasons of fighting the main characters simply pick a leader from among themselves. And despite being on opposite sides of the battle until now, they seem to easily agree. Making the whole story seem pointless.


Game of Thrones Legacy

Unfortunately, this final season has somewhat ruined Game of Thrones’ reputation. Many people who were waiting for all the seasons to be out before watching, now aren’t going to bother. While there were some amazing parts of the show, and the soundtrack was incredible, there were too many mistakes and too much of a rush to get it out for it to be a good ending. Not to mention the story telling fell flat and character arcs fell flat in the end. All in all, an incredibly loved show got a rush job for a finale and ruined the whole thing for many fans.

Drift Racing


Origin of “Drift Racing” is dated back to 1990s, when it started in Japan as a car racing technique. Drifting alludes to a motorsport and to a driving method where the driver purposefully over steers, which brings traction loss in the back wheels through turns, while keeping up vehicle control and a high level of exit speed. A simple drift is all about a car swinging sideways through a solo turn, but at a professional level, a driver may drift through numerous opposing whirls and curves with their rear wheels rarely touching the road.

How big of an advantage does a RADAR hack give you in PUBG?


Have you been playing PUBG for a while, and feel like you are never going to win? Not when there are so many people that are better than you.

If so, it may be time to consider installing a radar hack onto the game. That way you will even the playing field a little bit, as it will allow you to stay in a game for longer.

How to properly install a radar hack — Before you buy and install a radar hack, make sure you only buy those that are installed on another computer. If not, and you install the hack on the same computer you are playing PUBG, chances are you will be caught and kicked off the server.

Use a radar hack on another computer, however, and it is impossible for your hack to be detected.

How big of an advantage does a radar hack give you? — Once installed, a pubg radar allows you to see every single player on the map you are currently playing on.

This means it does not matter if they are out in the open, or hiding in undergrowth or a building somewhere, you will immediately be able to see where they are. An enormous advantage when it comes to playing against more highly-skilled players. Especially as you can creep up on them without them even knowing you are in their vicinity.

Finding all vehicles — Being able to find every vehicle on a PUBG map means you can get to them before most of your opponents, and be inside them and ready to use them against others before they have even realized they are there.

A good radar  hack allows you to see where every vehicle on a PUBG map is, and then head to the one closest to you.

Finding all weaponry and armor — Imagine if you can get onto a PUBG map, be able to see where all the guns and armor are, and then pick up as much as you need. No longer would you be running around frantically trying to get to stashes before your opponents can.

The armor your opponent is wearing — With a typical radar hack in PUBG, you will also be able to see the type of armor all your opponents are currently wearing. This gives you a big advantage, as you will immediately know it is important to avoid certain players as they are simply wearing better armor than you.

You can then spend the time you would normally waste fighting better armored opponents, and getting killed in the process, and look for opponents with either no armor or light armor instead.

While these things are not the only advantages of installing a good radar hack in PUBG, they are some of the most popular reasons why so many people now use them.

Four tips to help you grow your Soundcloud account quickly


Growing a Soundcloud account to a point where you have a consistent number of new fans being added every week can be difficult. Particularly as there is so much competition on the online service.

These four tips will help you grow your Soundcloud account quite quickly, however, and get your music a large number of plays.

Talk to your fans — As your music begins to get some attention on Soundcloud, people will start following you and leaving comments. When they do respond to their comments, ask them questions and ask for feedback.

People love to be able to interact with the artist whose work they enjoy, and will keep coming back to listen to your songs. As they do, your songs will get more promotion and so more attention by Soundcloud.

Promote your songs everywhere — Do not make the mistake of sticking to Soundcloud when it comes to promoting your work. Instead, promote it on forums, in chat rooms, on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and on websites set up for musicians to promote their work. You can also buy soundcloud plays to get things going. But social media in itself is probably the best marketing platform to get your mix into the ears of avid listeners.

Remember to ask your friends and family to promote your songs on their social media accounts as well.

Collaborate with other Soundcloud artists — There are millions of other artists on Soundcloud, and some of them will record similar music to yours.

Contact those whose music you like, and ask if they would be interested in collaborating with you. That could be by writing a song together, or recording a cover of each others’ songs. This can be a great way to get your music in front of new fans, as those fans of the artist you collaborate with will get a chance to listen to your work.

Start a conversation — When you upload new music, comment on it and ask fans for comments about what they do and do not like about it.

By starting a conversation, you get fans interested in your music and wanting to come back to participate again.

Why a professional company should design your custom labels


If you need to have labels printed for a product you will be selling, or even for a mailing you will be doing, it may seem possible to design and print those labels yourself. In most cases, however, that is not a good idea.

Instead, hire a professional label company to design your custom labels, and you really will notice a big difference.

Custom labels for your product — The way a label looks grabs a potential customer’s attention, and can often make them buy your product. This is one big reason why you should have custom labels designed by a professional company. They know exactly how to design labels so that they are interesting, unusual and likely to be something customers are attracted to.

A professional look — Whether you are having labels printed for a company you work at or own, or having them done for yourself, it always makes sense to have a professional look.

A professional company knows how to design custom labels so that they look professional. This is all to do with the design itself, the placement of a graphic and of any printed words, as well as how it is spaced on a label.

As you are not a professional designer, you will not know what looks very professional and what looks strange. In many cases, you will only be able to tell the difference when you have your personally designed labels printed and realize they look strange.

The cost and the time saved — You may think it will be expensive to have custom labels designed by a professional company but, in many cases, it is not.

Many companies offer special deals for label designing that make it cheap to obtain a very professional product.

Consider that you will also save your own time by paying a professional company to design your custom labels, and you will realize you could spend your time doing something different that you are actually better at creating.


Marketing Your Brand With Custom Stickers


When it comes to marketing a brand you own, you have probably had all the usual idea. You may not have thought about using custom stickers, however.

With custom stickers being affordable, easy to design and printable in thousands of different colors and fonts, they are one of the best ways to market a brand. Especially if you follow these tips.

Using custom stickers on products — If you are selling products and not services, custom stickers can be used to draw attention to the product. Whether that is by placing stickers on bottles of shampoo with a 25 percent off message, or putting them on the labels of clothing to offer a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal, they are a wonderful way to draw a customer’s eye to what you are selling.

Using custom stickers on brochures — If you send out brochures about your products or services, using custom stickers on the front of each brochure is an excellent way of drawing attention to something inside the brochure. This could be a page with a coupon, or a page with a specific offer.

Bumper stickers — Design a funny, cute or political statement bumper sticker with the logo of your company on it, and distribute it to friends, family and current customers. You may be surprised at just how many people will put that on their car if it says something they resonate with.

Cool for laptops and skateboards — Young people love to put stickers on the cover of their laptops, their tablets, and on their skateboards. Design a custom sticker that is bright, colorful and says something funny or cool and hand them out at school fairs or local events. In no time at all, they could be showing up on laptops and skateboards all over the area.

Use them on packaging — If you use custom stickers as labels on packaging, not only does it solidify the name of your brand into your customer’s mind, but also into the minds of anyone that comes across the package. Just make sure it is bright, memorable and includes your logo.

Find out where to print stickers in Vancouver.

How Can Custom Printed Stickers be Used to Promote Your Business?


You think about the promotion of your business all of the time and you try to figure out new ways of getting the word out about everything that the business has to offer. You try to figure out new ways of influencing your community so that they will turn to your business when they are in need of the kinds of services that you offer. Marketing has become your main task.

That’s why it is important for you to know every way that you can use stickers (by Vancouver Sticker Printing) to promote your business so that you will make the most of those items that you are going to have printed up for your business. Get help in printing stickers so that professional items are made for your business, and then figure out the best ways of using those stickers to promote the business.

Use Custom Printed Stickers as a Free Item to Hand Out:

There are times when you show up at a expo of some kind and you need to have something laid out on your table that will allow everyone to figure out what your business is and what it stands for. There are times when you need to have something on hand that people can take home with them and keep. When you are in need of a giveaway item, you will find that custom printed stickers are not only an affordable option but they are something that will help to get the word out about your business. When you are looking for a free item to hand out, you will find that custom printed stickers will influence those people who receive them and that they are a great option that you can use.

Use Custom Printed Stickers on Items Owned by Your Business to Get the Word Out:

You don’t have to give away every one of the stickers that you have printed up, you can use some of the stickers yourself to get the word out about your business. You might be tempted to hand out every single one of the stickers that you have had printed because you are so proud of how they look and because you want to make others happy by handing them out. It is important that you hold on to some of the stickers, though, and that you put them to use. You can stick the stickers onto the vehicle that you use for your business or you can stick them onto the back of the laptop that you use for your business. You can use the stickers on your personal phone or you can stick them onto other items that you use in your home. You can use the stickers on personal items and on items that are owned by your business in order to get the word out about your business. A sticker is a simple option when you are looking for a way to get your business’s logo onto an item. You do not have to give away every sticker when you have them printed up to promote your business.

Are streaming services better than traditional television?


If you have always used traditional television, and are not particularly familiar with streaming services, you may be wondering if streaming services are actually better.

After all, traditional television has been around for so many years it must have advantages to streaming services, right?

Viewing on demand — One of the big advantages of streaming services  (check out 123movies) is the ability to view your favorite shows and movies on demand.

This means if you want to watch an episode of your favorite show at 2am, you can do so. With a traditional TV service, however, you can only watch it when the TV company is airing it or if you have already recorded it for later viewing.

Downloading shows and movies — Another big advantage to streaming services over traditional television is the ability to download shows and movies to your tablet, phone or computer.

You can then take these shows with you anywhere you go, and can watch them. Even if you do not have access to the Internet.

The ability to watch every episode — Called ‘binge watching’ by the people who do it, streaming services allow you to watch every episode of a TV series from beginning to end.

This means, unlike with traditional TV, you can start watching a show one day and finish watching every episode of the show the day after. With traditional TV, on the other hand, you have to wait for the next episode until the TV station airs it. This can be frustrating when you really want to know what happens next.

Affordable prices — Most streaming services are far cheaper than cable TV networks.

With Netflix, for instance, you can watch unlimited shows and movies for a month for just $10, and everyone in your family can watch them for the same price.

Cable TV, on the other hand, tends to be very expensive. Especially if you have to pay for several channels just to get the shows you want. Some people spend over $200 a month on traditional TV, compared to the $10 a month for many streaming services.

No termination fees or penalties — Most streaming services also allow you to sign up for their service and then to disconnect it whenever you feel like it.

They do not charge termination fees or penalties, so you can safely sign up for a new streaming service knowing you can cancel it whenever you like.

With traditional cable services, however, you have to sign up for a specific amount of time and, if you cancel before your contract ends, you also have to pay expensive termination fees and penalties.

Flexibility — The big reason why streaming services are so popular is the flexibility.

The flexibility to watch what you want when you want. The flexibility to cancel when you want, or to re-register when you want. The flexibility to download movies and shows you like.

In a busy world with many pressures, these easy to use services are far more flexible than traditional TV.

User-friendly Tips for ESTA Application


What is ESTA?

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) refers to a quick form filled online. It helps potential travelers visit the United States of America under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The United Kingdom is among over thirty-eight countries involved in the program. This method eliminates the need for tourists to apply for a US visa. Travelers have to meet the set standards to be eligible for ESTA before starting their journey. Due diligence is conducted by the United States government for every ESTA applicant to weed out criminals. This program only allows the applicant to stay in the US for only ninety days at one time even though it is valid for a period of two years. Before application people should consider the following insights.

How do You Apply for ESTA?

  1. Apply as Early as Possible

When it comes to ESTA application, foreigners should complete the process three days in advance before traveling to the US. The requirements include; passport, air travel information, and US destination address. After the application, travelers are advised to keep their application numbers in a safe place. A printout of the ESTA number comes in handy for better record keeping although it is not a requirement during the visit. An early application gives enough time to book a better hotel and a good flight with the peace of mind. Applying in a hurry can lead to mistakes or even culminate in the rejection of the visa.

  1. Disclose All Information Required

Every ESTA applicant wishing to travel to the US should disclose all necessary information during the application. This information includes earlier arrests in any country across the world, denial of a United States visa or denial of entry into the United States among others. Lack of disclosure may be treated as attempted fraud and the tourist can be blocked from entering the country. The validity of ESTA authorization is two years or upon expiry of the passport. Therefore, applicants should renew their ESTA the next time they want to travel to the US.

  1. Consider Application Fee in Your Budget

While applying ESTA it is advisable to include the fees charged in your budget. Most travelers budget for the stay in the US and accommodation but end up forgetting the charges. However, this can lead to inconveniences if a traveler is on a fixed budget. In fact, it costs approximately seventy-four US dollars to complete the application and the charges are paid through credit card. A proper budget helps the tourist have peace of mind during the vacation.

  1. ESTA Serves A Travel Document Not Visa

Many travelers tend to confuse ESTA and visa. The application process for the two is similar in many ways. There are charges in applications, complex screening, and a lengthy declaration before the request is granted. However, visa application is costlier and the waiting period is longer compared to ESTA which is cheap and easy. Surprisingly, ESTA gives a chance for a tourist to avail him/herself at the US border. After which the Border Patrol Agents decide whether or not to allow the person in the country. It also does not allow a person to start working in the United States. This means that to work in the US you need to have a passport instead.

That’s it – now make sure to go to Youtube and check some Do’s and Don’t for the US of A – like this awesome, hilarious, but on point video:

3 Excellent Benefits of Hiring a Photo Booth for the Next Party


Party planning can be very fun activities for anyone who is involved on the front end. Though getting a small or big party together from the beginning to end can be both taxing and trying, there are some parts of the party planning that can be very exciting at times. Especially, when the individual or the group assigned has a chance to determine what kinds of fun things will be included in the main activities before it starts. So, for those of you who have been assigned the task of getting a birthday party together, you may want to start by hiring a photo booth. By hiring a photo booth for your next party, your guests can enjoy the 3 following benefits.

  1. Taking Memorable Photos

One of the first things a photo booth adds to any party is the ability to take memorable photos of people who attend the event. Since everyone that shows up can take turns getting their photos taken, it is not confined to just a select group. Therefore, a photo booth can be prepared for ages young and old. Thereby, giving everyone who comes to the party something that they can do, as soon as they knock on the door to step in. Also, once the photos have been taken, they can take their photos with them as a fun memorable photo that they can look back on for many years after the event has ended.

  1. Mixing and Mingling — Promote Introductions to New People

When parties are given, it is also a chance for others to meet people that they have never met before. Even though this is true, meeting new people is not always as easy for some party goers than others. Therefore, some people tend to stand back and wait for others to come to them instead of vice versa. Unfortunately, when this type of scenario does not happen naturally, the party can become dull and boring for quite a while. To avoid these issues, you can use the photo booth to assist with helping to break the ice. In fact, this is an excellent time for the introduction to be made, especially taking different photos is a smart way to get everyone in the room mixing and mingling. For example, if people want to get to the next person better in the party, they can ask to take a photo in the photo booth that you easily rented from a professional firm like photo booth hire Yorkshire .

  1. Adlib with Party Props

In addition to meeting new people at the party via a photo booth, there is an added advantage that people can take advantage of too, and that is the addition of using party props. With the party props added to a photo booth setting, people can create their own unique fun and looks. From small kinds wearing big oversized shades and hats to adults wearing big gold and yellow hair on their heads, adding props to a photo booth is a great way to have a lot of fun playing with one’s looks in things that they would not normally wear.

Speaking of props:

Benefits of Using a Professional Writing Service


Whether it be website copy, and academic article or business presentation, properly written articles and papers are essential for achieving your goals. In today’s competitive and fast-paced world it can often be difficult to find the time to create high-quality materials yourself.


Lack of Time

Writing is a task most people don’t like, and for good reason. Unless you are making you living at it, or working on the next great American novel, most people just don’t have the time it takes to become a proficient writer. Even if you have the time, you may not have the needed expertise in a given area. Additionally, paying for a professionally-written paper can be wise investment for improving your own writing skills.


Some assignments require a big time commitment just for research, and this is one area where professional writing services can really help you. Research takes both time and experience. A professional writer will have the skill and experience to do high-quality research in a fast and efficient manner. In many cases, a professional writer will be able to perform the research and writing in less time than it would take an inexperienced person to do just the research.


Stress is an often overlooked component of having a deadline to complete a project, and this is where using a professional writing service can be a major asset. Knowing you have a professional who will get the work done right and on time can take that monkey off your back.


Finding a Service

A vital part of using a professional writer is picking the right service. Some services are one-person shops whereas others employ a team of professionals or have a roster of skilled freelancer writers. Services that use more than one writer will typically have a description of their writer-screening process and a rating system that includes each writer’s competency level and a writing sample.


Plagiarism is one of the most important concerns in any type of writing. It is so tempting to just lift something off the internet and be done with it. However, aside from the ethical issues, plagiarism carries serious legal consequences and could cost you your job or have you expelled from school. Professional writing services strive to create only 100-percent unique content and most services employ plagiarism-detection algorithms to ensure original work. Also, most writing services will offer free revisions, so if there is some part of the piece you aren’t happy with you can ask for changes.


Improving Technique

Professional writing services specialize in creating quality materials that presents valuable information in a professional style. Even if a writer has experience in a given subject, there is always room for improvement. Receiving feedback from a skilled professional writer can only impact your writing in a positive way. When you have a paper professionally written you can use that paper as a template for future reference. Finally, there may be writing techniques, style issues and etiquette points you may not be familiar with that can easily be corrected by having a good writing sample at hand.