Do you know about all these ways to watch movies online?


For anyone who is a movie buff, finding as many ways to watch movies online as possible is often a goal. After all, not every movie you want to watch is available on one movie service.

With many ways to watch movies online, however, you can often find just about every movie you want to watch. As long as you know which movie service they can be found on.

YouTube videos — There are many movies available on YouTube nowadays. Either movies that have been put on the service by the distributors or by individuals who had copies of them and so uploaded them to the popular site.

YouTube also allows you to watch movies for a specific fee per movie. This is one of the most expensive ways to watch movies online, however, so usually only worth doing for a movie you cannot find anywhere else.

Online streaming services — If you do not mind paying for movies, the major streaming services are excellent ways to see many of the movies you like.

The number one most popular online streaming service for both movies and TV shows is, of course, Netflix. It is available almost everywhere in the world, with a limited selection in some countries and a huge selection of movies in others.

People love Netflix too as they can watch it if they travel overseas just like they can at home.

Amazon is another popular streaming service, and is liked due to its many exclusive movies and TV shows.

The other most popular streaming service is Hulu, although they concentrate more on TV shows than movies.

Putlocker — Putlocker is another website people use for uploading movies, and you will often find some of your favorite films here.

To find movies on Putlocker, just run a search for the movie you want to watch using your usual search engine. Look for Putlocker results in search and click on them.

In many cases, you can also download movies from Putlocker, which is very convenient if you do not have time to watch them right then.

Free streaming services — If you do not want to spend money to watch movies online, then your best bet is to locate some of the top free streaming sites.

These are all over the Internet. Some have a huge library of movies, like fmovies, while others have a smaller selection. Some stream every genre of movie while others concentrate on specific movie genres.

If you enjoy watching horror movies, for instance, there are some excellent horror sites offering free movies. There are also sites that specialize in indie movies, foreign movies, westerns, science fiction and even documentaries.

Other sites have movies in every genre, and some have TV shows you can stream as well.

The best way to find the sites that have the movies you like best is to spend a couple of hours checking out different ones. Bookmark the ones you like, and go to these whenever you have time to watch a film.


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