Buying Instagram Followers: Is it Worth It?


Many celebrities, business owners and people from all walks of life have a presence on Instagram. In this age of social media, success is often judged by the number of followers one has on their Instagram account. People draw a link between the number of followers and the desirability of that account holder. Because of this perception, many consider purchasing followers for their Instagram accounts. But is it worth it to purchase followers for Instagram accounts?


There are several options for purchasing followers for an Instagram account. They can be purchased on the cheaper end with approximately 100 followers offered for $3.00. At the other end of the spectrum, one could purchase around 10,000 or so followers for the price of $1,000.00. These are considered to be better quality accounts that might have some type of interaction with the buyer’s account. Purchasing followers is easily done by making a quick search and having a PayPal account.


Many people who are working hard to build a brand realize that they must have a following on social media. Sometimes it seems like it is taking too long to earn followers by just putting out good content. One positive aspect of purchasing followers for Instagram is that it immediately pumps up the follower number and high numbers add a certain perceived value to the account. When someone looks at an account with high follower numbers, they tend to assign value to it and want to follow themselves. It makes the account appear to have something to offer for so many people to want to follow it.

There are more negatives to purchasing followers that should be considered. First, the followers that are bought are often bots or zombie accounts. Next, one must consider that the purchased followers will not care about the content that the author worked so hard to create. There is often no interaction and this lack of engagement will add no further value to the account. Finally, it is also important to remember that most anyone can figure out if an account has been pumped up with purchased followers. Many people feel that purchasing followers is the same as lying to the public and this can make people doubt the site’s integrity. In addition, Instagram can perform a purge of all spam and inactive accounts like the one they performed in 2014. In the end, the purchased followers are just not going to produce the engagement that one needs to make a difference in their account.

Although it may be tempting to spend a few dollars to inflate follower numbers, they can do more harm than good. Other followers can determine that an account has purchased followers pretty easily and this can make them lose respect for the brand since it translates as a lack of integrity. In the end, it is better to focus on producing quality content and growing a steady stream of legitimate, interested followers who have something important to add to the site. Nevertheless, if you still wish to purchase followers, make sure to use a reliable service likeĀ