Choosing a YouTube Video Downloader that is Convenient and User-Friendly


When it comes to websites that host videos, none is as popular as YouTube. Although there are many different types of short videos available to watch on this site, there are also a number of lengthier videos people might want to watch during their leisure time. One of the best ways to watch a YouTube video is by downloading it. There are several different apps for downloading YouTube videos, which could vary according to their features. An application such as Tubemate, is a video downloader designed to work specifically on mobile platforms such as Android. The fact that this application can be used with mobile devices makes it even easier for people to watch YouTube videos at their leisure.

Versatile Applications for Downloading

When it comes to choosing the best video downloader for YouTube, the versatility of a program could be an important factor. An application such as Tubemate for Android could not only allow people to download videos using their tablets or mobile phones, but also allow for the storage of videos in the device’s SD memory card. A memory card storage option allows people to watch their favorite videos over and over again as well as share them with family and friends. Another desirable aspect of a YouTube video downloader is its ability to save videos in file formats that are compatible to a wide range of devices. Among the different apps for downloading YouTube videos are those that can save videos as MP3 files.

User-Friendly Applications

While a video downloader might come with a lot of desirable features, it could be difficult to set up and navigate. When browsing through the different apps for downloading YouTube videos, it could be a good idea to keep in mind how user-friendly it is. An app such as Tubemate, places a green arrow in a convenient location within the device’s browser. Anytime someone wants to access the downloader for capturing a video they simply need to click on the green arrow. Clicking the arrow also provides the user with options for the type of resolution they would like for their downloaded video. This makes it easier to match the resolution display to the screen size of the device it will be viewed on.

Videos Made Mobile

The ability to download and store a YouTube video on a removable memory card also makes it easier to transfer the video file from one device to another. Videos downloaded using an app such as Tubemate, could easily be transferred from the storage card in a mobile phone to a computer. The storage card could also be used in other Android powered phones or tablets to allow for greater viewing. This is especially useful when parents want to download videos for their children to watch while taking long trips in the car. It is also beneficial to have a video downloader that is available free of charge and that routinely receives necessary updates to keep it in peak operational condition.