Four tips to help you grow your Soundcloud account quickly


Growing a Soundcloud account to a point where you have a consistent number of new fans being added every week can be difficult. Particularly as there is so much competition on the online service.

These four tips will help you grow your Soundcloud account quite quickly, however, and get your music a large number of plays.

Talk to your fans — As your music begins to get some attention on Soundcloud, people will start following you and leaving comments. When they do respond to their comments, ask them questions and ask for feedback.

People love to be able to interact with the artist whose work they enjoy, and will keep coming back to listen to your songs. As they do, your songs will get more promotion and so more attention by Soundcloud.

Promote your songs everywhere — Do not make the mistake of sticking to Soundcloud when it comes to promoting your work. Instead, promote it on forums, in chat rooms, on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and on websites set up for musicians to promote their work. You can also buy soundcloud plays to get things going. But social media in itself is probably the best marketing platform to get your mix into the ears of avid listeners.

Remember to ask your friends and family to promote your songs on their social media accounts as well.

Collaborate with other Soundcloud artists — There are millions of other artists on Soundcloud, and some of them will record similar music to yours.

Contact those whose music you like, and ask if they would be interested in collaborating with you. That could be by writing a song together, or recording a cover of each others’ songs. This can be a great way to get your music in front of new fans, as those fans of the artist you collaborate with will get a chance to listen to your work.

Start a conversation — When you upload new music, comment on it and ask fans for comments about what they do and do not like about it.

By starting a conversation, you get fans interested in your music and wanting to come back to participate again.