Friv Games: the Newest Online Flash Game Provider


Free Fun!

Friv games are awesome!

For the individual looking for a fun, free way to kill time and boredom with one stone… a new online game site has arisen. This site was created with time-killers in mind; full of no-investment, quick to play flash games designed to keep the players entertained with simple fun. Friv games is a relatively new online game site, filled with free games for any player looking to get rid of some time. With over 700 games on its home site, Friv games has grown very quickly with its appeal of simple, addictive fun. It features games with themes such as girl games, boy games, shooter games, and more. There is no commitment to play; just open up the site and all the games are presented via tiles, free to click on and begin playing immediately. It is designed for quick and simple gameplay, though the games also include levels and stages of progress. The mechanics are simple to use, and can be played on any computer with Adobe Flash Player. This website utilizes ads to keep itself running, but not enough to interfere with gameplay in any way.

Game Tracking

The website uses cookies to keep track of the individual player’s gaming experience, in order to provide the player with more options and new games. The site also uses a voting system, with ratings of one to five stars for each game, so they can continue to add or take away games based on players’ feedback. They also keep track of the player’s favorite levels (indicated with a heart, of course!) so they can play them over and over again in the hours of time they are endeavoring to fill with addictive fun! As well as your playing history, Friv Games also keeps tabs on Most Popular Games, New Games, and Recommended Games based on your preferences. As with most websites nowadays, it has the option to connect to social networks for rating purposes, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Game Categories

With over seven hundred games, it is obvious that some exploring is necessary in order to experience all of them. However, Friv Games has grouped them into popular categories, so the player can get right into their game of whatever they feel like playing. The games include regular niches like adventure, 3D, action, educational, role-playing, puzzle solving, arcade, and cooking, as well as more specific categories like dress-up, avatar design, holiday-themed, and a few Disney characters. They also have several games based on popular movies or series, like Harry Potter, The Green Lantern, Deadpool, The Croods, The Flintstones, Phineas and Ferb, and Justice League, to name a selected few. While most of these games are single player games, they do have a few two-player games added. These flash games are designed to be fun, family-friendly, and easy to play, so get right in and get playing to experience as many as possible!