How big of an advantage does a RADAR hack give you in PUBG?


Have you been playing PUBG for a while, and feel like you are never going to win? Not when there are so many people that are better than you.

If so, it may be time to consider installing a radar hack onto the game. That way you will even the playing field a little bit, as it will allow you to stay in a game for longer.

How to properly install a radar hack — Before you buy and install a radar hack, make sure you only buy those that are installed on another computer. If not, and you install the hack on the same computer you are playing PUBG, chances are you will be caught and kicked off the server.

Use a radar hack on another computer, however, and it is impossible for your hack to be detected.

How big of an advantage does a radar hack give you? — Once installed, a pubg radar allows you to see every single player on the map you are currently playing on.

This means it does not matter if they are out in the open, or hiding in undergrowth or a building somewhere, you will immediately be able to see where they are. An enormous advantage when it comes to playing against more highly-skilled players. Especially as you can creep up on them without them even knowing you are in their vicinity.

Finding all vehicles — Being able to find every vehicle on a PUBG map means you can get to them before most of your opponents, and be inside them and ready to use them against others before they have even realized they are there.

A good radarĀ  hack allows you to see where every vehicle on a PUBG map is, and then head to the one closest to you.

Finding all weaponry and armor — Imagine if you can get onto a PUBG map, be able to see where all the guns and armor are, and then pick up as much as you need. No longer would you be running around frantically trying to get to stashes before your opponents can.

The armor your opponent is wearing — With a typical radar hack in PUBG, you will also be able to see the type of armor all your opponents are currently wearing. This gives you a big advantage, as you will immediately know it is important to avoid certain players as they are simply wearing better armor than you.

You can then spend the time you would normally waste fighting better armored opponents, and getting killed in the process, and look for opponents with either no armor or light armor instead.

While these things are not the only advantages of installing a good radar hack in PUBG, they are some of the most popular reasons why so many people now use them.