Marketing Your Brand With Custom Stickers


    When it comes to marketing a brand you own, you have probably had all the usual idea. You may not have thought about using custom stickers, however.

    With custom stickers being affordable, easy to design and printable in thousands of different colors and fonts, they are one of the best ways to market a brand. Especially if you follow these tips.

    Using custom stickers on products — If you are selling products and not services, custom stickers can be used to draw attention to the product. Whether that is by placing stickers on bottles of shampoo with a 25 percent off message, or putting them on the labels of clothing to offer a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal, they are a wonderful way to draw a customer’s eye to what you are selling.

    Using custom stickers on brochures — If you send out brochures about your products or services, using custom stickers on the front of each brochure is an excellent way of drawing attention to something inside the brochure. This could be a page with a coupon, or a page with a specific offer.

    Bumper stickers — Design a funny, cute or political statement bumper sticker with the logo of your company on it, and distribute it to friends, family and current customers. You may be surprised at just how many people will put that on their car if it says something they resonate with.

    Cool for laptops and skateboards — Young people love to put stickers on the cover of their laptops, their tablets, and on their skateboards. Design a custom sticker that is bright, colorful and says something funny or cool and hand them out at school fairs or local events. In no time at all, they could be showing up on laptops and skateboards all over the area.

    Use them on packaging — If you use custom stickers as labels on packaging, not only does it solidify the name of your brand into your customer’s mind, but also into the minds of anyone that comes across the package. Just make sure it is bright, memorable and includes your logo.

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