The Cautionary Tale of Game of Thrones, Don’t Rush Endings


Game of Thrones Final Season

This long awaited final season of game of thrones featured huge battles, monstrous dragons and of course, many, many deaths. It was highly anticipated among fans. The cast and crew worked hard not to let any spoilers out. This making the anticipation only grow.


Seasons Expectations

The last 7 seasons did very well. All over fans loved them. Almost without exception, they were received well. There were hundreds of theories and rumors going around about the final season. The episodes, while there were only 6 were going to be longer than in previous seasons. So, with the final season looming, people had high expectations.



The final season flopped where fans are concerned. Only about half the fans were ok with this rush job of a finale. And then there was the editing. Mistakes like leaving in the coffee cup were unforgiveable to some. Others were angry when the character Missandei was killed off. And finally, the ending just killed it for others. After 8 seasons of fighting the main characters simply pick a leader from among themselves. And despite being on opposite sides of the battle until now, they seem to easily agree. Making the whole story seem pointless.


Game of Thrones Legacy

Unfortunately, this final season has somewhat ruined Game of Thrones’ reputation. Many people who were waiting for all the seasons to be out before watching, now aren’t going to bother. While there were some amazing parts of the show, and the soundtrack was incredible, there were too many mistakes and too much of a rush to get it out for it to be a good ending. Not to mention the story telling fell flat and character arcs fell flat in the end. All in all, an incredibly loved show got a rush job for a finale and ruined the whole thing for many fans.