Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Outdoor Party Tent


Many people love outdoor events such as weddings, family gatherings or corporate parties during spring. Purchasing the right outdoor party tent is vital in creating a memorable and fun event. Before you begin poring over the many different party tents for sale, please consider the following advice to ensure you get the right party tent.

Size of the Outdoor Tent

One should have in mind the size of tent that they need to accommodate all their guests. Currently, the biggest makeshift outdoor tent is the one that hosted 32,000 guests during the Millennium Eve Party. While the most prominent permanent tent structure is the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center based in Kazakhstan that has approximately 100,000 square meters accommodating shops, cinemas, restaurants, and a water park.

A 10 by 10-foot tent will offer accommodation for roughly eight individuals. Therefore, if one is planning to buy a tent for parties or special events like graduations they need to consult other event planners that can advise on the size of the tent to buy depending on the occasion. This is because a wedding reception has different space when compared to a quinceanera. These experts have done events many times and have the required knowledge.

Assembling of the Outdoor Tent

This will depend on the frequency of use of the outdoor tent that is the number of times you will set it up and dismantle it. If you have many parties to hold, then a canopy that is easy to set up and has few parts will be the best choice. Some ‘pop-up’ tents are even assembled by a single individual.

Portability of the Outdoor Canopy

If you plan to use the tent in more than one location, one has to consider its portability. This includes if the shelter can be moved after it has been folded down and packaged. One needs to ask themselves questions like does the packaging have wheels? Can it fit in a regular vehicle? How heavy is the case? Does it have a handle in the appropriate place for rolling and lifting?

Replacing Damaged Components

If one has an existing frame for the tent, they need to select a tent that will fit the frame. Currently, there are many tents available for even outdated gazebos, so one will not miss finding the relevant replacement tent.

Attractiveness of the Outdoor Tent

Whether the tent will be used for home parties or business parties, it needs to be presentable. In particular instances, some corporate events will require white tents for their events that are juried. Additionally, one can be confined to some appearance regulations posed by neighborhood associations or local district rules.

Safety of the Tent to different Weather Conditions

One needs to access the suitability of the tent to safeguard them from various weather conditions. For rain protection, the canopy needs to have well-sealed seams ensuring no leakages. Also during windy days, one will have to fasten at least 40 pounds of weights in all the tents corners so that it will not be blown away.

Tent Durability

The aluminum poles and supports used in making modern tents are the best since are weather resistant. Tents with fewer [arts are good since one is less likely to lose the significant parts. The fabrics for the canopy also should be of a material that dries up quickly after some rain showers. One should never fold and store away a portable tent when wet.