Using FIFA coins to build your ultimate team


The Ultimate Team

So, you want the ultimate team. Don’t we all. Oh, you want the best ultimate team. That’s different and will require that you use some of those FIFA coins that you have coveted. We know that you want to keep these coins for something special but getting your ultimate team up and running. Don’t worry though, we will tell you how to get some coins later on but for now, let’s buy some players.

Go for the Gold

Ultimate Team ranks their players as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. It is the Gold players that you want to buy. To make it easy for you, the Gold rank is 75 – 99. These numbers make it easy to track the players and it is these players that you want. Now this is the part that most do not want to hear, these Gold players cost…. a lot. The Gold players can cost anywhere from a few thousand coins to hundreds of thousands of coins which can be a little aggravating since you only start out with five hundred coins. You can save these FUT 18 Coins and possibly earn quite a few more coins if you head to the Store and to Browse Packs. You will need to open the Complimentary packs you get and then see what players are Gold. Then go to Quick Sell and sell the players that you are comfortable will not fit into your roster, the ones that do not match the chemistry of your team. Now, you might think that this will not earn many coins but think again. You might have a Gold player that is on your team that does not have the right chemistry, Gold players are what others want on their teams too and some are quite willing to pay good coins for them…. maybe even double or triple what you think they are worth. Just remember that each of your team’s players should have good chemistry with each other. If they do not, sell them and get players that do. You can also compete in matches, single player matches are the best to start with, tournaments, and drafts. This will allow you to earn extra FIFA coins so that you can buy more Gold players and then you can also use the coins to boost your ultimate team.


Your team should know how each other reacts on the field and that is where chemistry comes into play. Buy the Gold players that have good chemistry and yes, they will be expensive but that is okay for you are building your ultimate team, right? Okay. Now that we know what players we want, let’s see about their chemistry. Players that have played on the same team with each other, on the same league, or are even from the same country, will have very good chemistry on your team. That means that their communication and skills will complement each other. Once you have all your players having good chemistry with one another, your Ultimate Team will be set. Have fun and good luck.